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Amazon PPC Optimization +
Ads Management


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Our Process



Researching your competitors, keywords, industry, value propositions, and everything your business has to offer is our first step.



Now it is time to create your ads and begin split testing in order to start the optimization process.



Too many clients have just built ads and forgot about them. Ongoing optimization is the real secret to increasing your ROMI.



No ad is evergreen. Scaling ad budgets, monitoring ads, retargeting warm audiences, and constant optimization is key for continued online paid advertising success.

Why Work With Coursenvy

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Justin, the founder of, began his path into marketing and eCcommerce as an engineering major. As he learned coding in his college courses, he began to build niche keyword websites, then use marketing techniques he learned over time to grow their traffic/revenue, then he would flip them for a profit… this is actually how he paid for his college degree!

Justin kept several of the physical product brand websites and launched an Amazon store (that still grosses on average $10,000+ per month today). Many of his friends kept asking him how he was selling on Amazon. To avoid sounding like a broken record, he compiled everything he learned about Amazon PPC, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads into video screencasts and PowerPoint lectures. But so many friends (and friends of friends) didn’t want to manage this all themselves and needed help with their ads management. So in 2008, Justin launched his online marketing agency.

Now over a decade later, Justin has built, consulted and helped market 500+ businesses! He helps clients all over the world succeed in online marketing and eCommerce.

After finishing in the top 8 for the Entrepreneur magazine Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, Justin launched Coursenvy with several engineering and marketing partners to begin to build in-depth courses and share their knowledge with the world! 

The goal with Coursenvy is to create a one stop shop for knowledge so anyone can start their own work from home business; whether that is a social media marketing ad agency, ecommerce store, becoming an Amazon seller, website developer, AWS architect… the opportunities to work for yourself after taking Coursenvy’s courses are endless!

And for those individuals who want to focus on what THEY DO BEST (managing their own business), we at Coursenvy are here to help you with your online advertising needs!

Let Me Show You A Real Example

This client used the knowledge he gained in our courses to launch an Amazon, Etsy, and eCommerce website. After some success his first year, he hired our agency for ALL 3 services (typically clients only want one service, but he was ready to go all in)… Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Amazon PPC to promote his physical product brand and retarget audiences. As you can see below, the results speak for themselves…

Client Joined Courses


Hired Coursenvy Ad Agency




Look at Our Amazon ACoS Optimization Results!


We are what you call a “no B.S.” marketing agency! We won’t sugar coat it… our pricing is not the cheapest online, but our great results are also not what you would get with a cheap freelancer. We would prefer to keep our client list smaller and charge a higher monthly retainer than to stretch ourselves too thin with a ton of clients.

So what is our pricing? It depends… sorry, but it really does. We want to cater to each clients needs and therefore a custom budget should be in place for each client as well. We will say with split testing alone you really can’t dig in on results and optimize until you spend over $1,000 per month on ads (i.e. average 3 ads x $10 per day ad spend). When your business gets to that MINIMUM ad spend amount, please follow up with us!

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